C is for Champagne and Chanel No. 5

I thought about taking a before and after. To tell you the truth I’m ashamed of the disarray in my master bathroom before I sucked it up and dove in. From the countertop on my half of the vanity, I grabbed a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and found its proper spot in the cabinet above the toilet. I put my jar of face moisturizer and tube of eye cream into my top drawer. I picked up a clear, old Bobbi Brown lip gloss that I might have thrown away, but it said ‘Crystal’ on it. So even though it’s too sticky for kissing purposes, I applied the gloss to my lips and then set the tube in the drawer next to my eye cream. I cleared away the TIGI Colour Luster Oil for my hair and my Secret anti-perspirant. I found storage for a pair of scissors and a bottle of lotion, a brown bobby pin and a black hair elastic. I also found new locations for my lavender comb and two brushes, two of my rings and a tube of toothpaste, oh, and my hair dryer at rest on the floor. What can I say? I’m a slob—but always determined to be better than the person I was before.

With the countertop cleared, I was able to wipe down everything and put back only what sparks joy. [Clears throat.] Okay, I still have some clutter, but having only what sparks joy is my goal.

The following day, a miracle occurred. First a quick backstory—when we rebuilt our house post Hurricane Harvey, we added lighted his-and-her mirrors over the double vanity in our master bath. Except, the wiring was bad with my mirror, and it shorted out. Kody’s side glowed. Mine did not. After ten months of living in a La Quinta, I just wanted all contractors and day workers out of my house. Things were left unfinished, and I didn’t care. My peace meant more to me than the light.

Anyway, the morning after I cleaned my bathroom, I went for my walk and came home and showered. Feeling fancy in front of my clean vanity, I spritzed myself with the Chanel No. 5 Lauren gave me for my 50th birthday and suddenly my mirror lit up.

My mirror had not worked since July of 2018, and I heard a voice in my head: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Isn’t that weird? I suppose I still have work to do. Anyway, I had another clean bathroom, and you know what? I felt like celebrating, so I popped the champagne. [Clears throat.] Okay, I mean, prosecco, but I needed a C for the title of this post. Either way, I feel accomplished and fancy and grateful. For the light and the glittering tiles, for a beautiful renovation and a continued transformation.   

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42 thoughts on “C is for Champagne and Chanel No. 5

      1. Thanks so much! My husband and I have flipped a few houses and bought this one as a fixer upper (before it flooded). The tile all the way up the wall was a little extravagant for re-sale purposes, but I love it, and we’ll be here a little longer.


      2. That is very interesting ! And I am sorry about the flooding. Flipping houses is really interesting.
        Our house is a restored heritage house, as are many in this historic community. It took endless work and patience to get things done. Things move slowly here in rural Newfoundland. I think it’s the sound of the waves that creates a laid-back atmosphere.
        It took 2 years to get the electrical work done.
        In the attic, since this house was built in 1915, there are actual tree branches helping to support the roof. 🤗

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    1. I’m a little hungover this morning, but I’m happy you see my need to celebrate. I’ve also challenged myself to walk every day in April. Sort of a reset for resolutions.


  1. Just think, Crystal, had you written this as a work of fiction, you would have rejected the mirror light thing as soon as the idea popped into your head. Way too deus ex machina. Besides, real life never – NEVER – works out so conveniently.

    Yet, you saw it with your own eyes. Thanks to the photo accompanying your description, so too did we, with ours. Yes, you chose the right word for it, “miracle.”

    Count me in on the whole champagne/prosecco enterprise too. Truth is, I enjoy mimosas and bellinis. Yes, I’m a guy, but I love me some sparkling fruit juice. Especially when peach nectar gives the drink a real boost (i.e., bellini).


    1. I swear, some of the crazier things in life cannot be made up. My husband and I had been talking about the mirror, and he thought he could fix it. When it came on, I thought maybe he had surprised me, but nope.

      Once I had the good fortune of being in Venice at Harry’s Bar, Hemingway’s hangout and home of the bellini. I always have a hard time finding good peach juice (maybe I don’t know where to look). I did have a nice bottle of freshly squeezed orange juice on hand, but I opted for my prosecco straight on Friday. And the light continues to shine!

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