L is for the Lovely Lauren

Lauren is my Baby Girl. Born 7 ½ weeks premature with the tiniest fingers and toes and the face of an angel that matched her brother’s. She came home from the hospital still too small to cry. I would set my alarm to wake her up every few hours each night for a two-ounce bottle. She was a fighter from the beginning.

She fought her way through six years of competitive soccer and the quest for the national championship. She fought her way through four years toward a BBA with a degree in finance. 


Now she’s twenty-eight, living six miles away, and fighting the daily battle of sheltering in place and alone. I wonder how I would have handled a pandemic at her age by myself, and I can only imagine, not well. And so we talk on the phone and FaceTime. And I’ve driven over to see her a few times to mix it up for both of us.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to be a mother and witness the transformation of my tiny baby girl into a strong independent woman who can do hard things. I’m thankful for her job and her ability to work from home. I’m thankful for our health and proximity. And I’m thankful to know—this too shall pass.

A to Z Challenge

Hello, Dear Reader! I’m thankful for you for reading my A-Z blogging challenge! This April I’ve committed to a daily theme of gratitude because somehow that always carries me through.

A is for Apple and B is for Boozer and C is for Champagne and Chanel No. 5 and D is for Dad and E is for Epiphany and F is for Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope and G is for Great _______ and H is for Hatbox and Honeysuckle and I for an I and J is for Jesus and K is for Kody



34 thoughts on “L is for the Lovely Lauren

      1. 🙂 that’s the anglicized version of my name. And we were born 7 weeks early. Though 2 years after her. (I’ve a sister born that early too, and she weighed less than my twin and myself did separately).

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      2. Eliza is a beautiful name. What a coincidence that you were also so early! No doubt you’re a fighter, too. Crazy statistics on you and your siblings! I didn’t realize you were a twin.

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      3. I know. Found it interesting to hear that:)
        Yeah, though my twin and I weren’t so small – nearly 4 pound each. My sister was a pound less. My niece who was born 5 weeks early just hit a kilo – just over 2 pounds. Twins who were born the same time as my niece – though a lot earlier but were the same weight are in the school I teach. Seeing their physical issues shows me how amazing it is that my niece didn’t have to fight for life. I never really realised that we were so early, only writing it now makes me realise it……

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  1. Love the soccer photo – all of my daughters have played at some point – we have similar photos. Somehow they younger girls moved on to rugby bit-by-bit – the whole ethos of the game seems to be more about “the team” than “me”, which has been a game changer for them.


  2. Brava, Crystal! See what you’ve nurtured?

    You took the frailest of our kind, and you protected her, and gave her the love and the chance she needed. And my, how she soaked up that care!

    To the point now that Lauren doesn’t just exist, but she thrives. Rewarding your love with hers. Replacing the worry you felt once, with pride.

    By the way, Crystal, I hope your “M’ entry is “Me.” Think about it. Would the life you’ve built with Kody, with Lauren, and with all the others be nearly as lustrous if they didn’t reflect back your glow? You’ve enjoyed their company so much only because you’ve given them so much. None of of this ever would’ve worked if this were a one-way street.

    Plus, you made a vanity light spring back to life. All miraculous-like.

    Yep, here’s no doubt, “M” has to be “Me.”


  3. I am 28 as well. It’s hard finding people who are similar age as me. I moved across the country and don’t have family close by. It’s just my husband and our 3-year old daughter. I’ve always liked the name Lauren and think it’s a very pretty name.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was very worried because that she was in the 7th percentile for weight. When she was born, she was in the 15th percentile. Now, she’s normal weight and a happy 3-year old. She has her struggles and was born blind in one eye. I am worried that she will become blind in both eyes since it’s a progressive disease. Each day, I’m grateful that she still has good vision and her vision in her good eye is better than the vision in both of my eyes. I guess worrying is a normal thing for mothers.


    1. Mothers will always worry and carry guilt. That’s what we do, and it’s normal. But as for being twenty-eight and a mother and living far from family. That was me. I made more friends as my kids grew up—mainly because I started opening up to people. It gets easier. I promise!


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