S is for Siblings

I’m the baby of three. Liz is the first child. Scott is middle. Sometimes they call me the baby princess. That title was in a birth-order book my sister once read, and it stuck.

Liz left home for college after my fifth grade year, but she always made me feel missed and special with little gifts. She had a gift for making beaded necklaces and monogramming things, like acrylic storage containers and plastic cups. She would say, “It’s just a little sussy.” Like, it’s just a little something. Not much. When I married Kody, Liz cross-stitched 2 Corinthians 5:7 for me and framed it, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” How many times have I walked by faith?

Scott and I used to fight, and I fought dirty. Scott, I was defending myself, and I’m sorry. He left home for college after my seventh grade year. But I remember him being home one weekend and pulling me out of a boy’s car on Main Street. I was fourteen. The boy was sixteen. My big brother kept my secret, and I straightened up some. Scott, you defended my honor, and thank you! Did you know the middle child tends to be the loyal, family-peace keeper and that the baby tends to be more creative, rebellious, and attention-seeking?These days my brother is self-less. In 2015, his community faced tragedy. Scott raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for victims and wrote an inspirational book to tell their stories. He donated all of the proceeds to a memorial built for those who lost their lives. For more information about Scott’s book Stillwater Strong and purchasing options, click here.

5 Things I Know:

  1. I was a spoiled hot mess.
  2. There is truth in birth order.
  3. My siblings set the bar.
  4. They inspire me to be a better person.
  5. We all turned out okay after all.

Splendid of you to stop by during my A-Z blogging challenge! I have seven more upcoming posts, and then I plan to re-focus on school. If you liked Liz and Scott, perhaps you would enjoy my other posts. It’s all about gratitude this April, and I’m thankful for much: A is for Apple and B is for Boozer and C is for Champagne and Chanel No. 5 and D is for Dad and E is for Epiphany and F is for Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope and G is for Great _______ and H is for Hatbox and Honeysuckle and I for an I and J is for Jesus and K is for Kody and L is for the Lovely Lauren and M is for the Marvelous Misti and a Dirty Martini and N is for the Numbers and O is for the Oversized Owl and P—Prayer and My Grandmother’s Pearls and R is for Ripples Colliding

28 thoughts on “S is for Siblings

  1. Great story and tribute to your siblings Crystal. Both my wife and I are middle children and we are always trying to keep the peace. Not sure why, it seems futile some days. Stay well and thanks for sharing. Allan

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  2. I love this! I, too, am the baby of the family. An older brother and an older sister. I was the one left at home with our parents in middle school when they flew the coop, one by one. My sister always sent me care packages when I was in college, filled with snacks and goofy stickers for my windows and such. And there is much truth to that birth order stuff, in my opinion. Sounds like all three of you are pretty darn creative-very cool! Great post, Crystal 🙂

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  3. Loved it, definite truth about birth order and we babies in our families, definitely an attention seeker myself and fellow spoiled hot mess.😆

    On Wed, Apr 22, 2020, 6:31 AM Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope wrote:

    > Crystal Byers posted: “I’m the baby of three. Liz is the first child. > Scott is middle. Sometimes they call me the baby princess. That title was > in a birth-order book my sister once read, and it stuck. Liz left home for > college after my fifth grade year, but she always made m” >

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  4. What I liked is that your older siblings are both part of your life. Parents pray that their children will be close and caring. When the parents are gone, you three carry the stories that live on. May you always be close. – David

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  5. Your siblings sound awesome!
    We treat my baby sister like that 🙂 just that she’s a lot more people to spoil her. Siblings is a really great S! 💕💕💕
    Love, light, and glitter


  6. I come from a family of nine – yes, that’s right, nine. Mom always felt she had three separate little families. I was number seven and my younger sister, brother and I were nicknamed the “three little ones”. I think there is a lot of truth to birth order – I was expected to look after my younger brother and sister. It built leadership skills, responsibility, and self-reliance.

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    1. I still feel like that little girl, and we were all sort of styling. But, yes, Mom looks chic. I love the guy with the big mustache on my shirt, and my brother with his 70s afro and shades is just classic. Thanks for participating in my memory!!

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      1. Amazing the details that we still remember. I can look at photos of my children when they were tiny and remember an outfit or another (not all of them) and how it felt on their little bodies or how they looked when they moved around or how their wrists stuck out when they outgrew it.

        Siblings or childhood friends, besides our parents of course, are those who keep our memories alive – the ones we don’t remember about ourselves.

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