F is for Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope

The Flood

It was August of 2017. After completing a ten-month major renovation on our latest fixer-upper, Hurricane Harvey flooded Kody, Drew, Rain, and me out of our home. When Houston fire fighters showed up with a city dump truck, I grabbed what I could stuff into an over-the-shoulder water proof bag and climbed aboard with my family and neighbors and their dogs. They dumped us a few miles away in a dry parking garage. It was just another one of those times that I realized I can’t control everything.

After a mile-or-so slosh on foot to the nearest pet-friendly hotel, I dug my orange journal out of my bag, the journal with embossed letters that spelled Gratitude, and this is what I wrote:

Aug. 27, 2017

Today Kody, Drew, Rain, and I were rescued by HFD on an emergency truck with sixteen people including our neighbors and first responders and seven dogs. Water shin deep flooded our house when we left. Our yard was submerged to my knees. I’m thankful for being able to communicate via cell phone and Facebook. I’m thankful for those who have prayed and continue to pray for us. I’m thankful for the La Quinta and breakfast and a room, actually a suite and space for Drew, and for a shower and dry clothes and for our next-door neighbors Boaz and Megan (also sheltered here) who brought us water and snacks and for the restaurant at the Hilton across the street that had wine!!


I suppose in that moment I realized I needed faith and gratitude. Somehow I felt a peace that transcends understanding and a glimmer of hope.

Not only had I saved my gratitude journal but also my laptop, and over the next ten months of rebuilding home and living at the La Quinta, my laptop saved me. In September 2017, I typed the story of our evacuation and sent my first words into the blogosphere. I typed other stories, too, and again and again, I tapped the blue button in the upper right corner, the one that says Publish. Ninety-four posts later, I see growth, and more often than not—faith and gratitude, peace and hope.

Home with Lipstick
Home with a makeover. Landscaping on the to-do list.

And today, I’m grateful for you, dear reader. Thanks so much for spending time with me at my first ever A-Z blogging challenge. As I hover at home this April, I’ll be seeking the good in every day, and I count you as good.

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44 thoughts on “F is for Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope

      1. You definitely could be surprised for you never know what it may say! Looking forward… I’ll have lotsa catching up to do after 3 day chag (someone once told me how to enable notifications for blogs but I forgot how to do it so I hope I get to see them after. Now I’m on almost all day do forgot what it was like to be rarely on).

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  1. Wow! that is a lot of water, and my respect to you for choosing gratitude. You had your treasures with you, you were safe and what a wonderful example moving forward. Looking back these are the moments that shape us and strengthen us for whatever life gives. You are stronger for the experience, and little things don’t even faze you ♥ (I almost spelled phase you instead – star trek influence coming out ha ha)

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  2. Hey Crystal, I count you as good too 🙂 It amazes me that in that moment, after having your house flood and escaping to a hotel for an unknown amount of time, you had the sense to sit down and write what you were grateful for. To me, that is true faith.

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    1. I have to admit I’m amazed by that as well. That entry was actually the first in that journal which was given to me by a student at the end of the school year 2016. To me, it was God saying, “Have faith. I’ve got this.”

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  3. Our town has been flooded a couple of times in the last ten years or so – we are luck that we live on high ground – but we know a lot of people that had a similar experience to you. Not fun.

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  4. Wow! We never know what we can deal with until we have to. It’s great to look back from the other side of crisis. Hopefully we’ll all be able to do that soon. Good luck on your A to Z journey. This is my 7th year. Always fun.

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  5. I’m so sorry about everything that you went through. But very glad that you made it through. Having faith and gratitude is definitely important. I look forward to the time when there will be no natural disasters here on earth. And we will live in true peace. Stay safe and well!🌸

    Jeremiah 29:11-For I well know the thoughts that I am thing toward you, declares Jehovah. Thoughts of peace and not of calamity. To give you a future and a hope.


  6. Nicely written post Crystal. A ready reminder to us when we go through similar situations to know that there’s not much we can do but when we trust in the one who has the power to provide, all things work out beautiful in His time. Keep writing. 94 posts and your’e just getting started…

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