G is for Great _______

You know what I LOVE? My GREAT nieces. AND being a GREAT aunt. It’s just—well—GREAT! And to think I don’t have to do anything to be GREAT, and neither do they. How GREAT is that!

Meet Olivia Grace (R) and Allyson Kate (L), almost six and three.
Just look at her face, and those curls!
Pure joy!
My braiding needs practice, but what about those perfect highlights?
And this little snuggler!
We have a bond.

Everything about these girls reminds me of where I’m from—the wide open spaces, endless horizons, and Oklahoma skies. And they’re growing up before my very eyes.





When I see these girls next, we have some catching up to do, Lego building and coloring sprees and playing Memory cards. There will be braiding of the hair and swimming in the pool. It looks like we may have some wide open spaces to explore, and I can’t wait. It will all be GREAT. 

So I’m curious, what is great in your life just because it is? This month I’ve committed to the A-Z blogging challenge. Each day I’m reflecting on what is GREAT and what I love and what carries me through this crazy life. I hope these posts inspire more of the same:

A is for AppleB is for BoozerC is for Champagne and Chanel No. 5D is for DadE is for EpiphanyF is for Faith + Gratitude = Peace + Hope

A to Z Challenge


53 thoughts on “G is for Great _______

  1. What a wonderful post Crystal ! All the priceless moments captured to be enjoyed over and over. They will be treasures in years ahead when you compile albums for them of these days. I could see the joy in your eyes with them, great times.


    1. Thanks, Dave! These girls inspire pure joy! Both their mom and dad (my nephew) are excellent photographers, and they have a family friend who is in business as a photographer, so I end up with lots of snapshots that melt my heart.

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    1. Hi Neil! Thank you so much. It’s such a low pressure relationship. I get to swoop in every few months. Somehow I’ve achieved celebrity status with the littles.

      Trying hard here to distract myself and follow the plan. Take care!

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  2. Grateful for the generous glow, Crystal!

    What a wonderful pair of nieces you have, and they lend themselves wonderfully to an idyllic childhood. You’re helping them to create the radiant memories that will inspire future dreams, and which will blossom into nostalgia. That includes longing for “the time Aunt Crystal visited.”

    Jumping way forward, I know, though I can’t wait to see what your creativity devises for “X.” Xylophones? Maybe you could work with that. How about Xanadu? A little Taylor appreciation always is a good thing, though it is a bit opium-tinged.

    Have I just taken your two X-ideas? Sorry. What’s left? You could choose Xerox machines, though that selection would be a bit…unique.


    1. Thank you so much, dear TAM! It’s always a pleasure to read your kind words! And I appreciate you for the brainstorming session. I’m sort of flying by the seat of my pants here. I have know idea what X will be, but now I have some ideas. Would you be available for a guest post? 😂 You would be most X-cellent!

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      1. As are yours, Crystal! Really, I’m all verklempt. How to direct the gratitude you stir?

        I know – let’s start writing!

        “X is for xantham gum, which sounds scary, but is an awesome, all-natural food stabilizer.

        It also begets Xerxes, the most over-the-top character in that gloriously offbeat film “300.”

        Besides that, it marks the spot for treasure…”


  3. The world waits to be discovered when you’re young, doesn’t it. I’m just glad I grew up in a time when you were ALLOWED to discover – to climb trees, to explore with friends, to get dirty, to go home with grazes and stories. A generation of kids is coming that don’t know the way to their friend’s houses through back alleyways and fields…

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