People like to make New Year’s resolutions. I like to make New Month’s resolutions. Anything is doable a month at a time, and the first of the month seems like a good time for a new beginning. For April, I’m abstaining from alcohol. By the way, I realize the irony of the announcement on April Fools, but I do not jest.

As far as the A-to-Z challenge goes, I’m choosing a theme of action. My actions of the past year have largely involved sitting on my butt and typing words and reading books. Speaking of large and butts—something must change. And so this month instead of imbibing daily, I will attempt to take more action. I have a celebration planned in May that includes sun and a swimsuit and a beach. So let’s see what sort of headway I can make concerning my beach body, and let’s see if I can take twenty-five more actions to distract me from my alcohol habit. My action plan is somewhat sketchy, but I suppose I will figure it out, like I always do. One day at a time.  

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41 thoughts on “Abstain?

    1. I used to always use February for my new start (after a January fail). Somehow the idea morphed. I read recently, according to the CDC, 8 drinks a week puts me in the category of a heavy drinker, which made me think. Calorie-wise the drinks don’t help. I’m curious to see what happens in April. Good luck if you choose it, Ally!

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  1. Hello Crystal, My car broke down and I meant to call The AAA but I accidently called AA. When their tow truck arrived they could only move my car twelve steps. Rim shot! Good luck. Have a dry, sober, great day Jerry

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  2. Worthy goal, Crystal, and I wish you luck. For me, foregoing the hard stuff wouldn’t be an issue, but beer and wine? Where, oh, where, would my cooking be without a splash or two of chardonnay? You already are more formidable then I for trying, even, abstention, Crystal. Color me impressed.

    Great to read you’re continuing the A-Z this year. Many thrills ahead. In common with last year, I look forward particularly to learning what you’re going to do with “Q.” Plus, we haven’t discussed “X” yet. Somehow, I think you’re about to remind us you’re a writer making full use of an expansive and creative mind.


    1. I can’t remember the last time I went two days alcohol free. I would like to say alcohol is not a problem, but it’s definitely a part of my lifestyle. So far, so good. I even went to dinner with my husband last night. He drank wine. I drank water. I was okay with that.


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