This April here on the blog, I’ve stuck to an alphabetized theme of action. Allow me to update you.

Updates are good—especially in job situations and within families and with friends. Updates keep your people in the loop and strengthen your connections. This week I phoned my sister, and my bestie called me. We updated each other. Those are my favorite updates.

However, I have a little problem with today’s blog update. If you’ve been reading recently, you know that most of my posts for the last twenty-three days or so have been updates of sorts. I’m starting to bore myself with the topic of me. If you’ve been reading, and you’re back again today, God Bless You! You could be doing anything right now, and I’m not loving this post. Hopefully, some of the others have been better. If you’ve missed any, I’ve linked them in the update below.

Starting on April 1st, I chose to abstain from alcohol. Today is my twenty-fourth day. This action freed me to accomplish more in a month than I have probably ever. Weirdly, I haven’t missed my nightly drinking much. I can’t say I’m quitting forever, but I am totally rethinking my relationship with my booze habit. Oh, the extra calories!

This month I’ve taken three ballet classes and turned a few cartwheels. I’ve continued reading my devotional book almost every day, or at least I catch up when I fall behind. Hopefully along the way, I’ve encouraged someone somehow. One of my reader-friends said my post on forgiveness was her favorite.

While thinking about actions from A-Z this month, I’ve noticed myself Googling throughout most of my days. One day I read about the benefits of headstands, so I’ve been practicing. I held one for about thirty seconds the other night. This challenge has taught me to innovate. One day I wrote about not jogging, but since that post, I pushed myself to try it again. Mostly I’ve been trying to Keep It Stupid Simple and listen to God and good advice and people who matter and the birds in the trees.

Along the way, I put some thought into some memorization, some nominations, and observations. I photographed some murals, quested forward with personal goals, and read a few memoirs.

I’m not sure what makes me more proud this month, completing 1245 situps and pushups and 1320 squats or revising 215 pages of my memoir for my thesis due date on Monday (I still have 30 pages and a final inspection to go) or the 3 interviews I had this week (that’s a post for another time). One thing I know for certain is that none of it would’ve been possible without believing I could do it and giving it a try.

49 thoughts on “Update.

  1. You’re doing great.I think that there are times when it is not only not a bad thing, but can be a good thing to talk about ourselves. In those conversations, when we aren’t bragging but discussing various topics and growth, there is always the possibility and potential for encouraging those who come along and read.

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  2. Wow, what a month for you… You accomplished so much in just one month AND you consistently put out inspirational content for your readers! That’s amazing! This post was just as good as all the rest, btw! 🙂

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  3. Love this! So clever, using all the letters you’ve used thus far in your A-Z challenge. Best wishes on finishing your memoir. And I look forward to reading about those interviews you mentioned!

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  4. You see what you’ve done, my friend? You’ve provided great A-Zs for two years running. As this year’s installment approaches its crescendo, your audience finds itself wondering already what’s coming in 2022.

    You’ve spoiled us, and now you’re in a pickle. Every year, Crystal provides another awesome A-Z. Now there’s an expectation to fulfill. Maybe you should’ve thought of that outcome when you started giving away your talent wily-nilly.


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