Wolf Like Me

I believe this song was first released in 2006 by TV on the Radio, an American art rock band. (I found this info. on Wikipedia. Art rock makes use of modernist, experimental elements, elevating rock to an artistic statement).

I guess it was about a week ago when I heard Lera Lynn’s folk version. I dig the stripped-down sound of the acoustic guitar and banjo. What some can do with two instruments and their voices! Anyway, you can’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia. They say Lera Lynn released her version in 2003. Independent Music Awards calls it a cover, and the YouTube video was posted in 2011. Disputed information aside, I love both, but I have to give it to Lera Lynn.

And I’m calling today Remake Monday. 1) Because I love a great remake. And 2) Because every Monday deserves a reimagined look. Make yours mighty good.

Seize it!

21 thoughts on “Wolf Like Me

    1. Hi Allan, TV on the Radio has a much harder sound, but I do like the lead singer a lot. He was in a movie with Anne Hathaway called Rachel Getting Married, where he re-makes a Neil Young song. I might have to save all of that for another Remake Monday.


    1. I’m going to try to share some likeable remakes on Mondays for a while. Let’s see how long I can keep it up. I don’t really have a plan just some ideas. Happy you connected with Lera Lynn. I’m not a huge country fan, but I do love the banjo. It’s a little more Americana. And yes! Her voice. I hope my upcoming videos are available for my friends across the pond.

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  1. Thanks for presenting both pieces for our consideration, Crystal. Your “Remake Monday” notion definitely deserves continuation, given its promising premier.

    While both versions offer advantages, like most of your readers, I prefer Lera Lynn’s take. It’s much more “organic,” being just two people and their acoustics.

    TV on the Radio has a more driving. manipulated, beat, and the pulse quickens to accommodate. Sometimes, that’s exactly what the situation requires, though Lynn’s version is more celebration of the artistry. More melodious and easier for the listener to appreciate. Still quick enough a pace too, to engage the imagination.

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    1. Thanks, Keith! TV on the Radio probably represents 2006 Crystal more while Lara Lynn is definitely my 2020 vibe (even though she released hers years ago). I don’t keep up with what’s popular so much. I just listen to what I like, and it’s pretty diverse.

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      1. Oh, me too, Crystal!

        On deck right now? Gluck – “Iphigenie en Tauride” (the original French libretto, thank you.

        Right begore that was a collection of “Greatest Cuban Hits.” Which followed The Stones.

        Now, that’s the way to unwind!


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