Ode to My Bestie

I love telling people
how I crashed her party
and met her on the day
she turned five.

It was July the Fourteenth,
Nineteen Seventy-Five.
She was blonde haired,
tiny, and hazel eyed—
my new friend, Denise.

In school we shared
home rooms—
First grade
with Mrs. Shaffer,
second grade
with Mrs. Goff
third grade
with Mrs. Lane
and so on
and so forth
through senior year.

Nineteen years

ticked away.
The Class of Eighty-Eight
Reunion. In Oklahoma.

Memorial Day.

We both lived in Texas.
She lived nearby,
this girl I had known
since we were five.
I needed a friend,
and she did, too.
We met for margaritas
and Mexican food.

More years pass.
We ate and drank.
We told each other
secrets, even when
they stank.

Forty five years
from the day we met,
July 14th, 1975,
a day I’ll never forget.

33 thoughts on “Ode to My Bestie

    1. The funny thing is—we’re an unlikely pair. She’s totally sporty, and I am not, but there’s something about knowing someone who knows exactly where you’re from.


    1. Hi Neil! Cheers to true friendships.

      The heat here is ridiculous. I have a plan to meet my neighbor for a 6:30 AM walk tomorrow. It will still be 81 and a sweat bath, but at least I will have bathed. Fingers crossed for cooler weather next week.

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  1. You’re right, Crystal, stories such as yours and Denise’s don’t enliven our world much. For anything, especially anything great, to have lasted forty-five years (and counting, definitely) is extraordinary.

    Even more so when you consider your mobility. If you and Denise had lived in the “same town, all (your) lives” the example still would be worthy of celebration. Yet, the two of you went places, and still kept the friendship strong. Again, magnificent!

    Richly deserves special recognition, which your ode provides with beauty and panache. Nice work, both on the words and on the friendship they exult!


    1. Hi Keith! We have two more in our wolf pack. One is in California, and one is in Austin. We planned a bigger celebration because we all turned 50 this year, but that darn COVID. I still drove to Dallas and stayed with Denise. We’ll all celebrate again soon.


  2. Hi Crystal. I enjoy reading your posts! In fact, I have nominated your blog for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award’! I hope you don’t mind and I hope you choose to participate!


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