I Have a Secret (On Anti-Aging)

A few weeks ago on my last trip to Oklahoma, I met up with my beautiful forever friend Starla who happened to be visiting at the same time from California. We’ve been friends since second grade, and when you’re 49 like us, that’s forever, right? Even with the distance, we make an effort to see each other every year or two, our phone visits in between are always good for the soul, and there’s nothing like those special friendships that encourage and uplift you, make you laugh and let you to have a good cry, and always pick back up right where you left off.

“Your skin looks fabulous,” I said, mesmerized by her radiant face.

“I’ll tell you my secret as long as you don’t blog about it,” she responded. I’m just kidding, you guys—she didn’t say that, and I did later ask if I could share her BIG secret. Truthfully Starla said, “I’ve been eating collagen protein since April, every morning in an açai bowl with frozen cherries and coconut. You can buy the açai as a puree in the frozen section of the grocery store.”  

When I arrived at my local HEB, the details of our conversation escaped me, so I bought smoothie ingredients—bananas and strawberries and unsweetened vanilla almond milk and a one-pound cannister of the anti-aging factor. At home I threw that all (not the whole pound, just one scoop) into my blender with some ice and frozen blueberries, and voila! Health in a glass. Today is Day 7, and I kid you no more, I can see a difference in my sun-damaged hands and my nails, too.

Purely Inspired is not paying me for this advertising (but they should).

One scoop of collagen peptides includes 18g of clean protein, 18 amino acids, and a B-vitamin complex to support metabolic energy. It’s gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, non GMO, and both KETO and PALEO certified, not to mention my extra servings of fruit each day.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides (according to supplementpolice.com)

  1. Collagen improves the health of skin and hair.
  2. Collagen reduces joint pains and degeneration.
  3. Collagen helps in weight loss.
  4. Collagen improves the health of nails and teeth.
  5. Collagen detoxifies the liver.

Benefits of Forever Friends (according to Mrs. Ward, my 9th grade English teacher and me)

  1. Forever friends encourage and uplift you.
  2. They make you laugh.
  3. They don’t mind when you cry.
  4. You can always pick back up right where you left off because you’ve known each other forever.
  5. They are the fountain of youth, literally.

Starla has one more secret. She’s a Plexus distributor and swears by the Joyōme Illuminating Day Serum and Intensive Overnight Repair. For more information go to https://plexusworldwide.com/home. Starla’s sponsor number is 2876670, which should give her credit if you place an order. Sending good vibes your way! Thanks for reading today!

90 thoughts on “I Have a Secret (On Anti-Aging)

      1. Lol….I am just teasing about topical use, but I have long heard in the nutrition circles I read that this is a real deal diet supplement!!! Plus, the skin is our largest organ!!


    1. Happy early birthday! You’re still a child! So many great years ahead—I think they just get better!

      Starla is alcohol-free, too, so she has that going for her as well. Thank you, dear Monica for your reading and kindness!!

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  1. Wow….you always look fantastic to me inside & out!! But, I will look for this now also…never to late to look good!!
    Always good information every time you blog!!
    Miss you my sweetness,
    Love you mucho,

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    1. Speaking of skin that amazes me, Dana, let’s talk about yours! Great genes! I learned something new and had to share. Today’s smoothie was a banana and frozen cherries (with a little vanilla almond milk) and delicious. Love you! ❤️


  2. I have collagen but forget to take it regularly. When I did take it I was able to quit picking/biting my nails because they were so strong rather than brittle. I was able to break that bad habit and my nails got so long, until I stopped taking collagen. We have to take it every single day in order for it to work, but it does work.

    Collagen definitely makes a difference. I buy it from Costco in tablet form now (storing at room temp) but I also have the powder form which I’ve been storing in the fridge. I started taking collagen when I was 26 and now I’m 28. I will start taking it consistently after reading your article. Thank you for sharing!!🌻🌻🌻

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      1. It also helps to drink more water for joint pain. Aim for 8 glasses of water a day to help treat the inflammation associated with joint pain. Collagen is so good for the body. I just started working out for the first time in my life 4 days ago and I’m taking the collagen each day now. I’m hoping it will help with faster recoveries. Today I’m not too sore after waking up so I’m feeling pretty good about that.

        Have a great day as well and cheers to good health!🧘‍♀️🌻

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    1. Huguette, I believe you’re right!! Thank you so much!! I just talked to my dad who was telling me about a friend who went to kindergarten-12th grade with him. This lady was celebrating her 80th birthday along with a group of ladies she and my dad grew up with. That will be me, God willing!

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      1. This is actually great 😊 Childhood friends are the best I guess and not all the people are lucky or even loyal to keep their friends forever but I’m sure you will 😊


  3. The only real secret to anti-aging is death! But anti-wrinkling — , now that’s another story. Your skin looks great, and your friend’s does, too. All these products definitely help… and so does sunscreen. But at 80, I can tell you anti-wrinkling has a lot to do with genetics and life-style. You can’t put off the aging process forever until you’re heaven-bound! Just smile more than you frown and influence where the wrinkles form! God bless you. Thanks for visiting JanBeek. Hang in there!

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      1. Deep in our core we are the same person… and that’s where it counts most. Taking care of our exterior is a bonus for God’s temple! It helps us live a minute, an hour, a day longer to love nd serve Him. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we’re no good for nobody!! May God continue to bless you, too. ❤

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  4. Great post! I have yet to try collagen peptides, but I have tried bone broth protein. My skin is sensitive, so if food could make it glow without actually putting something ON it, that would be awesome. Of course, lots of water helps too! Nice that you have such a great friend. You both look great! My cousin Rosa uses products from Plexus also.
    There are other brands of the collagen protein I might look into, once I’m making money again…that stuff is expensive!

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    1. Thank you, Kim! I just saw another friend (since 5th grade) this past week, and she had bone broth protein in her refrigerator. I didn’t ask her about it, but now I’ll look into it. I appreciate you for visiting!

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  5. Soooooooo… I’ve started doing this for about 2 weeks now and I’ve noticed a positive difference in my selfies!! 🥰🥰🥰 Go go gadget collegian powder!! Thanks for spreading the word!!

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      1. Benjamin Button watch out!! Lol!! It’s so funny cause my pics from 10 years ago compared to now seem like they should be switched. It’s amazing what sobriety does not only for your mental and emotional health, but also for your physical health!!

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