33 Years and Then Some

Kody’s yearbook. 1984. He was off to high school while I would spend another year in junior high. Ironically, four years later, I followed him to OU, not OSU. The Class of “88 still rules.

Thanksgiving started when our daughter Lauren drove in from Oklahoma. For that I am most thankful. Along with our grand pup and a couple of pies, she brought us some boxes from Nana’s house. Nana is Kody’s mom. One box contained Kody’s junior high and high school yearbooks. Mine met their demise during the hurricane of 2017, and since Kody and I went to school together, well, I got my yearbooks back. Never mind all the signatures from girls who were crazy for Kody back in the day. They provided hours of entertainment.

Kody’s 1984 yearbook was proof that we were friends before I remembered. In a way it foreshadowed at least half of our relationship: “You should know that I’m mad at you…”

Jokes aside, today we celebrate 33 years of holy matrimony. Never mind the three-year divorce. We kissed and made up. For the prequel to a love story, click below.

48 thoughts on “33 Years and Then Some

  1. Happy Anniversary. I love a good story that leads to another story. It’s like those nesting eggs that have more eggs inside them. Old year books are fun to look at. I sometimes leaf through mine–just to see myself with all that hair again. I graduated in 86.


  2. My husband had a photo of me dancing at a university disco in the late 70s before I met him properly in 1981. I don’t think he was stalking me…😍 Happy Anniversary. There is nothing better than rummaging through Nana’s boxes – so glad that my mum kept all my love letters and stories.


  3. Happy anniversary, Crystal and Kody!

    All this, and pie too? So many reasons to give thanks yesterday…and then some.

    What do you reckon the Crystal and Kody of 38 years ago, both writer and reader, would say if they knew what those years would bring? Many auditioned for the part, hence all the other entries, but you alone won Co-Star in this Epic Production.

    Fitting one of your and Kody’s most outstanding joint ventures hand-delivered these memories. Along with sweets. Bonus, right?


    1. So many reasons to give thanks! 14 and 15-year-old Crystal and Kody would’ve never believed it. We were just making the most of summer, and look what happened.

      First came love. Then came marriage. Then came Lauren with two pies and her dog.

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      1. Clever, Crystal!

        Clever too, you adding your last name to the signature. As though there were any question in Kody’s mind about who you were, even then. He may have played it cool, but…he knew.

        Even if seventeen other people with your first name signed his yearbook (maybe “Crystal” was a popular name in the panhandle the year you were born), he knew.


  4. WOWOWOWOW, Crystal!!! This ROCKS!!! I LOVE this. How very fun! Congratulations to Y’all and here’s to a continued beautiful journey together!!! Sending much love and the much needed info that the class of 82 rocks harder!!! 🤣❤️🤗🥂💐!


  5. It’s fun to look back on occasion at those yearbooks. Glad Kody’s were preserved. I went back to read your love story with Kody. We think we know it all when we’re young and making huge decisions like marriage, don’t we? I looked back and felt I was too young, and I was a few years older than you. I wrote about many of our marital troubles in a fictionalized version in my novel, Whit’s End. About 60% of it is true. Thankfully, we made it through to a contented old married couple. Thank you for sharing your story with Kody.


      1. I used to think we should’ve waited until we were older, when we had a little more of life behind us. But now I think you’re right. I don’t think any other age would’ve made a difference. We still would’ve had to face our own issues at some point, whether married or dating for longer.

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  6. Awesome that you’ve spent 33 years being wedded! These old notebooks are a treasure, aren’t they? I still have mine from primary school and it’s nice to explore my young self’s thoughts every once in a while.


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