In celebration of my 11th anniversary of my 2nd marriage to my 1st husband and because some stories are worth retelling and some men are worth remarrying and because friendship and forgiveness are the keys to forever.

On June 23, 2011, we ported in Kuşadası, Turkey.

32 thoughts on “11/11/22

  1. Wow I love this story so much! It is probably one of the best things 6have read in awhile, thank you for sharing that part of your life with us. Congratulations on your anniversary I am so happy that you and your husband were able to find your way back to eachother.


    1. The story behind the story: I was at a writing workshop in the summer of 2011 and wrote a story about Drew that ended up too personal to share. I tried with a peer and cried. We would be sharing our stories with the group the following day. So I wrote something else to share, and this is it. I changed some words here and there even last night. Thank you, David!

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  2. Happy anniversary, you guys! Celebrating a love as deep and as intense as the azure eternity. Sapphire of the most fathomless blue expresses a love which isn’t just long-term, but forever.

    The Holy Land still is full of miracles, I see.

    By the way, your writing resonates beautifully, Crystal, as much now as it did years ago.


  3. What a lovely story Crystal! I love the authenticity and honesty. Marriage is hard work. Amazing how things work out. Love too that you now have two anniversaries — one for your first marriage and one for when you came back together! Best wishes!


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