I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful

I love a good affirmation.

I was home on the couch on a Saturday. While watching Anne with an “E,” I tapped affirmation after affirmation into my phone. The whole series radiates girl power, especially Season 3, Episode 5, “I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful.”

In this episode, the kids practice for the upcoming barn dance at school. It reminded me of the time in fifth grade when we learned to square dance for a hoe down in the gym with parents invited. I was mortified about touching the boys’ hands and refused to dance. Then, my music teacher sent me to the principal’s office for invoking my right to choose. But wait, I had no rights. Click here for that story. In the same way, while dancing with boys as part of school, the girls in Anne with an “E” are plagued with fears about becoming pregnant via touching the boys. During a secret, moonlit bonfire ceremony, Anne and her friends meet and invoke the Goddess of Beltane (representative of fertility), Sacred Mother, Queen of May, Wild Lady of the Woods, and Guardian of Love and Life. Wearing white nightgowns and floral wreaths atop their heads, the girls dance around the fire, proclaim their affirmations, and release their fears:

“We shall choose whom to love and with whom to share trust.”

“We shall walk upon this earth with grace and respect.”

“We’ll always take pride in our great intellect.”

“We’ll honor our emotions so our spirits may soar!”

“And should any man belittle us, we’ll show him the door!”

“Our spirits are unbreakable, our imaginations free!”

“Walk with us, Goddess, so blessed are we!”

The Netflix series is based on the Anne of Green Gables book series, set on Prince Edward Island in Canada, 1899. I haven’t read the books, but now I’m curious. Did L. M. Montgomery write with this feminist spin? Or is this a modern retelling? Either way, I love how Anne appreciates the little things and lives in the moment. Of course, she is human and feisty and has her bad days. Don’t we all?

More great quotes from the show:

“Grace is perennial like the green, green grass.”

“No one but you is allowed to dictate what you’re worth.”

I am fearless and therefore powerful.

71 thoughts on “I Am Fearless and Therefore Powerful

    1. ❤️ The first episode, “Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny” hooked me with Anne renaming everything—the horse Belle, the Lake of Shining Waters…

      It took me three seasons to realize how great all the episode titles are.


  1. Hi. I remember the book, but never read it. Didn’t know it is set on PEI, which is a place I’d like to visit. By the way, if you like police/crime dramas, and if you have HBO, here’s a good mini- series that my wife and I watched recently: We Own This City. Among other things, it’s about police corruption in Baltimore, and is based on true circumstances.

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  2. Wonderful thoughts for girls of all ages (okay, it may not be politically correct to say “girls,” but I did and I’m sticking by it). I remember reading the books but don’t remember how feminist they may or may not have been. I haven’t seen the series; it sounds wonderful!

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  3. What inspired you to walk through that particular door, Crystal? A recommendation, which a reviewer or a friend gifted you? Or maybe good fortune led the way, and you just happened upon the series.

    However you arrived, what an affirmation. Advice, friendship, or intuition, each weaves a glittering path which pursues rhapsody. An empowering discovery.

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  4. I wonder what it is like to be a woman. What is it like to be a Christian woman saved by a male cast (father son holy ghost )? Is my God also female? How do I feel, as a man, submitting to a female God? Your words have helped me along this path.


    1. Hi Frederic! I appreciate this thoughtful response. I’m thinking God and the Holy Spirit are gender free despite traditional perspectives. Of course, who really knows? I believe They meet us where we are and that there’s hope in a higher power. Above all, I choose faith over fear.


  5. Now this is what I love about the blogging world – it’s possible, every day, to stumble upon lovely people such as yourself with something good and positive to say. Thanks for being you, Crystal. 😃


    1. It was light entertainment for me when life seemed less-than-light! Appreciation complete at Season 3, Episode 5. Now on to reading the books. I’m so curious is this scene made it into the original story.


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