Bleh vs. What If?

Bleh, bleh, bleh, bleh,

Bleh and bleh,
worry and fear,
sad and mad,
shame and guilt
and regret.

And yet—

What if?
I have the power
to rewrite my story.

What if?
My words and thoughts
have creative power
to transform.

What if?
I think on noble things:
health, wealth, and love,
faith and gratitude,
peace and hope
and joy.

What if I believe?
Life is good and generous,
and miracles are in motion
beyond my wildest dreams.

What if I say?
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

37 thoughts on “Bleh vs. What If?

  1. My experience with ongoing challenges is that they can be frustrating especially if they are repetitive and beyond our control to correct. When I let go of the frustration and shuffle my thinking so I first see the other aspects of my life, the problem is still there but it is in perspective and I am breathing again.
    I look forward to your posts Crystal and hope you are well. My wife and I have been busy with projects. First we worked on a fence project preparing over 250 boards by sanding and painting all sides with two coats of paint. Six days and the last day was 12 hours as the crew was coming the next day. Next the cherries were ready and 300 or so pounds of cherries now have been picked, delivered to family and friend and a few hundred pounds canned and made into jams and syrups. We are glad to slow down for a week. Best to you and your family. – David

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    1. Hi David! That’s a lot of sanding, painting, cherry-picking, canning, jamming, and gifting! No doubt there is a huge sense of accomplishment and joy there. I see what you’re doing and always appreciate your perspective! Happy Sunday!

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  2. Bleh Bleh Bleh, indeed. Apparently 99% of the things we worry about never happen. Is that because we worry about them or because they were never going to happen. Changing our thoughts can change our world. Happy Sunday Crystal. Allan

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  3. It’s as if I’m sitting in a rocking chair, sometimes I’m just rocking nicely (even smiling) but occasionally I lean way back into my issues and topple backwards. Sometimes I can get up, get back in the chair, rock on, but every now and then I need help. Like this poem. Thank you. 💕C

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  4. I enjoyed your well chosen words so much. “Taking every thought captive” is an ongoing work. I was praying over a difficult situation yesterday while walking the dogs, and I felt led to pray thanks in advance for the work God is doing behind the scenes even though the situation itself is worse than it was. Working on our thoughts and being thankful for as yet unseen results is an act of faith and trust. Reading your blog today reinforced that for me.

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  5. “What If?”

    As you know, Crystal, those two diminutive words are responsible for every achievement, big or small, on this planet. Progress’s sweep and crests hum in readiness within those two spare syllables.

    To be fair, so too do a good number of the troubles our species has inflicted on itself too.

    Moreover, the gap between imagining and realizing often is vast. Most of the time, we abandon the journey partway through, for countless reasons. Not to mention, when my “What If?” and my neighbor’s sometimes set off in opposite directions.

    Yet progress, be it our planet’s, our species’, our nation’s, our community’s, our family’s, or our own, always begins with those two words.

    “(M)iracles are in motion
    beyond my wildest dreams”

    Spot-on, Crystal! You just described life’s unique potential and its singular treasure.

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  6. If we keep channeling our minds on the what ifs of life, we should also remember that we still have a life to live and greater task ahead us.

    Bleh bleh bleh❤️


  7. In a way it’s sad, we have been conditioned to worry, we are worried purposefully by our media and politicians. Yet, all in all, life is still good, people are kind, some care, and care for others. I, for one, avoid drama, there’s enough drama in everyday life, and it’s real, not manufactured. Great post.


    1. Hi Richard and thank you! Today I stumbled upon some lines by William Blake: “To see a world in a grain of sand / And heaven in a wildflower / Hold infinity in the palm of your hand / And eternity in an hour.” I think it’s about taking time to see and appreciate.

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    1. I’m waking up at the beach this morning, and the waves rolling in and out remind me how everything comes and goes. My sister is here now, and she is leaving. The moments come and go. Each day begins again.


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