Embrace Your Squeak

Random weekday.
7:30 am.

To my classroom
from the elevator
in an otherwise
quiet corridor,
my most

Squeak. Squeak.
Squeak. Squeak.
makes me feel

How many times
have I met
a student's eyes?
Felt compelled
to apologize?

Something like:
“Good morning.
(insert name),
I’m wearing
my squeaky shoes

Finally, one,
her name is Emma,
said, “Mrs. B.,
that was me
Just embrace it.”

My smile
spread wide
from cheek
to cheek.

And when
my most
I stand
a little taller,
embrace it,
and squeak on
and on and on...


52 thoughts on “Embrace Your Squeak

  1. Hello Crystal, Many years ago my Aunt Margaret worked at a blind school. As she made her way down the hall in the morning her shoes clicked on the floor. When she entered the classroom, the kids, who were blind, said “Good Morning Margaret” It’s important how you walk and enter a room. Squeak on! Jerry

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  2. Crystal, how do I share ALL the reasons why I love this post??? Well, it just makes me love you more. Brilliant! Squeak on my squeaky friend! 💛🤗❤️🙌🏻


    1. An outstanding addendum, Jo!Again my smile spreads wide (from cheek to cheek). ❤️

      Speaking of sneaking, I’ve literally tested every inch of the hallway thinking I’ll be less squeaky closer to the walls or straight down the center. Maybe just left or right of center? Nope. Nothing helps…except for embracing it.


  3. Sweet…wishing you the best for next year. I said no to the job offer at my current school as she was going to dump on me and take me from my position this year. Such is the life in the public school district. Now, she will find someone else to dump on …


      1. Ah, not here. There are 1000 vacancies just in the district for teachers but I might also use my proofreading skills and work for a media company part time. Who knows? And I will keep my online gig !


      2. It is especially if people dump on you and you have the option to leave like the others did! Luckily, I will finish the year and then see options.


  4. You figure, Crystal, a day without the squeak would’ve faded to a greyish beige. Utter anonymity.

    That’s not you. You’re an outstanding part of your students’ lives. Why should your footwear fall short?

    They’re your comfy shoes in more ways than one. Not just in how they caress your feet, but in how they embrace your soul. Let those ninja teachers glide through the school unnoticed. Not for you!


  5. What a clever little post my dear! BTW, I think I have those same shoes. They are skechers and I love them. I actually have multiple pairs of skechers. They rock (though I don’t think mine squeak)!


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