February 26

Today is my mother’s birthday. Just thinking those words makes my heart sink. She would’ve been 82.

But just now outside my window, I spied a cardinal hopping through the grass. I remembered hearing about cardinals being symbolic of angels.

I tapped cardinals and angels into the search bar of my phone.

“Cardinals mostly symbolize devotion and determination; it is the visitor from heaven.

‘Cardinals appear when angels are near,’ as Victoria McGovern said, the Cardinals are platonic, a precious message God sends to the world. The Cardinals are the messengers of God for those who hope and seek blessings for their ailing souls.

The Cardinal represents beauty in the dark times, hope in the sorrow, and renewal in the harsh winter. It is said that if you see a cardinal bird, it symbolizes your deceased loved ones are watching out for you.”


My mother was always an angel. Now she has wings and a halo to prove it. And today I heard from her AND God. Happy Birthday, Dear Mama! I hope you hear me, too.

May your day be blessed.

42 thoughts on “February 26

  1. Cardinals were my mom’s favorite bird. Now I know why. I hope your mother can see AND hear you too, Crystal. I’ve vowed to act like my mom is still watching and listening—even if she’s not. PS. I bet both our moms are.😇😇


  2. I’m so sorry you lost your mother while still so young, Crystal, but even in grieving you’re choosing your attitude: to remember and celebrate the angel she was. May God bless your remembering with peace, comfort, and contentment.


  3. That is absolutely precious, seeing a cardinal, and recognizing the significance, especially today. Happy birthday to your Mama, hope she’s had a chance to meet mine, chat about their girls! Hugs and love to you my friend, the birthdays are the hardest. xxoo


  4. Hugs, Crystal. But I know from my own experience, having lost my mother 48 years ago when I was 28, that she’s never left me, not for a minute. That’s what that beautiful (actually, handsome) cardinal was reminding you.


  5. Yesterday was your mother’s birthday, Crystal, yet she’s the one who brought you the present. Perfectly in keeping with a lifetime of giving, right?

    I never heard that before about cardinals being messengers from a better place, but that makes sense. After all, they’re so vibrant and cheerful – in stunning contrast to the others. Heaven would send a few bright messengers to invigorate us, the drab winter birds.

    Sure, your Mom – my Dad too, and so many others – is in a far better place, but she’s just checking in to make sure you’re still okay. The few decades until you see her again are nothing compared to the Eternity you’ll enjoy, but your mother knows perfectly well how much these visits mean to you. Obviously, she hasn’t forgotten about you. Juist the opposite, in fact.


  6. What a lovely moment for you, Crystal. My mum died 20 years ago last January at the age of 69. On my travels I like to try and light a candle in a local Catholic church. In Baja, I tried without success to light a candle. I walked out into the Plaza, a bit saddened. Suddenly a yellow butterfly lighted on my shoulder. My husband said it was my mum telling me that it was okay. I wrote a post about it and one of my followers who is a published author asked me if he could write a short story about the butterfly which is now published. Life is full of small miracles and signs. My condolences on the passing of your mother. I still dream of my mum at least once a week. Hugs. K x


  7. The Absence of someone loved is such a wonderful lesson with multiple facets. It doesn’t make it less difficult to bear the absence, and yet adds meaning to the question of why our lives exist as they do. Take care my friend.


  8. Thank you for sharing!!… 🙂

    A Letter From Heaven

    When tomorrow starts without me
    And I’m not here to see,
    If the sun should rise and find your eyes
    Filled with tears for me.

    I wish so much you wouldn’t cry
    The way you did today,
    While thinking of the many things
    We didn’t get to say.

    I know how much you love me
    As much as I love you,
    And each time you think of me
    I know you’ll miss me too.

    When tomorrow starts without me
    Don’t think we’re far apart,
    For every time you think of me
    I’m right there in your heart.
    (Alena Hakala Meadows)

    Until we meet again..
    May flowers always line your path
    and sunshine light your way,
    May songbirds serenade your
    every step along the way,
    May a rainbow run beside you
    in a sky that’s always blue,
    And may happiness fill your heart
    each day your whole life through.
    (Irish Saying)


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