29 thoughts on “A Shimmering Lens

  1. Aren’t car washes and cameras fun, Crystal? I took one car wash photo a while back for a post, but I like your sequence and words. Sometimes, we need to be patient to see more clearly. Have a great Saturday. Allan

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  2. Breathtaking, Crystal. Charged with sparkling excitement, your illustrations are, both in their visual and in their verbal offerings. One makes the other “pop,” doesn’t it?

    I think it’s more than a coincidence a pulsing, shimmering lightshow often heralds depictions of dreamtime. Both are otherworldly, magical, ethereal.

    And you, Crystal, the writer – the artist – express the moment beautifully.


      1. Oh, Crystal, I can relate, absolutely! When I was a kid, I always wanted to ride the car through the wash, if that was an option.

        Still do, for that matter!

        More bracing than was any roller coaster, what, with the mysterious (shimmering?) lights just beyond focus. Much more thrilling than was any scary movie, with its contrived Jasons, Freddies and their siblings. Mere actors in costumes, not the all-too-real pulsing, shimmering lights and strange muffled noises headed straight for…oh, God…me!

        Now that I’ve freaked myself out, I just realized I do have to get the car washed. Gulp.


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