Help in the Time of Schizophrenia

I just found out that someone besides me published me. If you’re interested in a preview of my memoir Help in the Time of Schizophrenia, please click the link below. This is the beginning of my journey with my son for help.

HELP IN THE TIME OF SCHIZOPHRENIA (An Excerpt) – Crystal Byers — The Porch Magazine

57 thoughts on “Help in the Time of Schizophrenia

      1. First of all, your writing is exceptional. Captivating. Secondly, if you reach out to one person in need of affirmation, you’ve been their angel. And, of course, you may reach someone who knows someone needing that affirmation. Thirdly, you are teaching people what it’s like to have someone you love become schizophrenic and then having to deal with it. You are potentially helping many, many people. You are giving a human face to a very poorly understood, frightening and exhausting disease. That’s it, it’s just a disease, like having diabetes, but unfortunately it’s in your brain. There are so many win-wins to take from writing this. Bravo, my friend!

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  1. Your writing is so good Crystal. Hoping that sharing this will help people. This is always a topic not spoken much about and poorly understood.
    Sending you some love and hugs 🤗💙🌺

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  2. Crystal,
    I just received some bad news regarding my Mom. I was sad and angry. But I read your excerpt. After reading it I felt much more relaxed. I am not sure why given it is not a good story. But I wanted you to know how good I thought it was. For whatever reason I wanted you to know it comforted me. I understand the depth of what you face with Drew. Psychiatric issues run through my family, so I understand. Keep writing and let me know when it is done.

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    1. Shay, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom, and I totally understand sad and angry, especially in the recent loss of my Mom. Illness, no matter what kind, is so, so hard. One big side story—and what I’ve come to realize—I have to help myself first, and no feeling is ever final. I’m praying for your heart and mind this morning and of course, for your Mom. Always happy to chat with you. Thanks for reading and sharing with me. ❤️

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  3. Wow, Crystal. Just wow.

    Your writing is mesmerizing, intense, and it’s paced perfectly to set the mood, to maintain it, and – most important, perhaps – to frame the reader’s lasting impression. You draw from your heart, your soul, and from them emerges the deepest eloquence.

    The tale is harrowing. I had no idea, though now I do, thanks to your profound skills.

    Congratulations on the publication, of course. Just one recognition among many more that await, no doubt. Your writing brings catharsis and sympathy, in the word’s original sense, among others. In your words an aching heart beats, and moves everyone – you, Drew, your family; everyone – that much closer to the help you seek.

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    1. The first advice received in January 2020 was “slow it down.” And so I’ve tried. Elaboration and detail do not come naturally, but I’m practicing. Thank you, my friend, for such kind words!

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  4. A vivid and courageous portrait of concern, confusion and fear by a mother for her child that any loving parent–especially a fellow mother–will recognize, particularly mothers who have children with emotional, psychological and psychiatric disorders. Exceptionally written, Crystal. Your memoir will help.

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    1. Thank you, Pamela! We’ve tried a lot. I can’t say I have all the answers. I can only explain what we’ve tried. I hope the rest of the story measures up. More than anything, I want some justice for Drew.

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    1. It’s been a rough year and a half of revising the story. I’m not sure what I’ll write next, but hopefully something much lighter. Thank you, Jo, for your continued prayers. I need prayers for continued faith and hope.

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  5. Wow, Crystal. You are so gifted with how you use your words. I think your memoir is going to really connect with people and help them see that they are not alone. Blessings to you and your family.

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  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and part of your world!… there is a lot about the ole brain that we don’t know about and in spite of our efforts, and through no fault of our own, there are things we cannot control but can only try to understand, support and deal with… my daughter’s step-son develop epilepsy when he was 14 years old, tried to commit suicide once, but through love, understand and support, he is improving and learning to deal with life… I am sure that you will do the same along with family and friends by your side… 🙂

    Until we meet again..

    May your day be touched
    by a bit of Irish luck,
    Brightened by a song
    in your heart,
    And warmed by the smiles
    of people you love.
    (Irish Saying)

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    1. It started with a story that I needed to tell. Then I needed help in the telling, so I went back to school. My mother always said, Everything happens for a reason. It took awhile to understand the reason—

      Our struggles strengthen us.

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  7. Congrats Crystal! You are such a strong and encouraging voice for those going through tough stuff… I’m sort of unpacking and dealing with stuff I feel like my daughter might be going through too.. And so far it’s been so anxiety-inducing and I’m constantly feeling helpless so I can relate on some small level of what it took for you to persevere. I appreciate seeing this struggle and success so much! ❤️

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