I clicked into the online class because the title said, “20 Minute ZUMBA Fitness.”

I said to myself, “I can do anything for twenty minutes.”

From the first downbeat, the instructor Ayhan Sulu is high energy. His sleevless shirt says, “EGO IS NOT YOUR AMIGO.” And his smile—well—you might just need to click play to see for yourself. Better yet, stand up wherever you are, set your ego aside, and give it a try.

Let me warn you, at about the seven-minute mark, I nearly cried mercy, but I couldn’t stop smiling. Just when I found myself almost dying, the music switched, and we slowed down. Not for long. The intensity built once more. But if this guy’s energy doesn’t make you smile, then picture me—a 51-one-year-old woman who has never ever Zumba-ed, trying to keep up with his moves. Maybe you had to be there, but I’m still tickled.

Around fourteen minutes, I hit pause and went to pee for the sheer excuse of taking a time out. The workout would be over at 22:17. “I can do anything for eight minutes,” I reminded myself. Just as I hit play, there was another slowdown. And then another speed up. And then somewhere in the nineteen-minute range, we started cooling down. I had made it! Through the class. Through my A-Z blogging challenge. Through my month of action. Miracles do happen. Bring on May.  

48 thoughts on “Zumba?

    1. Y and Z were fairly predictable. It was fun trying new things and will be interesting to see what I keep in the routine. #progress Thanks so much for cheering me along the way!!


  1. Zumba! I had not thought of that when I wondered what you would do for Z. I will have to try this video, although it sounds brutal and I am not coordinated. But hey, who cares. It might be fun too. Thank you for sharing. And thank you so much for sharing the A-Z challenge with us! I looked forward to your posts each day. And I thoroughly enjoyed each one so much!! ❤


  2. Zumba, huh? Until I read a few comments above I’d never heard one positive word about it so I’m not surprised you had to take a break mid-class. It does make for a perfect ending to your A-to-Z Challenge so that’s wonderful. And look at that, I said something good about it! Happy May


  3. OMG, you made me laugh! I can’t even get through a 20-minute yoga instruction, let alone Zumba! 🤣😂 But, I do need to get off my butt and do something, I will save this video and give it a go, for a minute or two, when I need a laugh! 😉


  4. You’ve done it, my friend. Coming up with a new post each and every day for a month is quite the accomplishment. Really, a Zumba for you brain – and ours. I can’t promise you my smile matches the Zumba guy’s (well, you never know), but you’ve earned it nonetheless.

    The oddball letters – Q, X, Y, and Z – came, and you sent them packing, along with all the others. You did this not just once, but twice, within a year. Crystal – 2, the English Language – 0. Way to show this troubling tongue of ours what’s-not!


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