X-it Off.

Man, it feels good to X some items off my metaphorical list. I’m not really a listy person. I tend to bounce from one idea to the next, and somehow that works for me. When it came to X-ing off all but two letters of my April A to Z action challenge, I had my doubts. Part of it was coming up with the list. Now the end is in sight, and soon it will be time to bounce on. Thanks for your part in keeping me motivated to finish what I started!

17 thoughts on “X-it Off.

  1. I get it. Doing this challenge seems like it should be so simple, but it turns out to be more complicated. This, of course, is a good thing to X off your list that isn’t a list.


  2. I love how you didn’t let the letter X intimidate you and I love how you mastered this list, x-ing things off! This has been a lot of fun for the bystanders. I hope you had fun along the way too!


  3. By God, my friend, you did it! “X” would’ve thwarted 1,001 lesser writer, but then, they’re not you. Leave it to you to prove you’re a Master, and your talent doesn’t wait a piece of paper the university bestows to confirm it. Still, though, recognition is nice, true!

    Actually, as we discussed earlier, I was abuzz with anticipation when contemplating where you might go with “X.”

    Xeroxing? Nah, I don’t think you ever aspired to the clerical.

    Xylophone-ing? Eh, that’s even a word. Besides, it doesn’t fit your tastes, really. Unless the Gipsy Kings have an album that’s news to me.

    X-raying? Well, I could see you apply your talents to healing, but that’s hardly a thrilling action, is it?

    There came – and went – my guesses, and you just blew them out of the water!


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