24 thoughts on “Vacay!

  1. Oh, I need a vacation from my life
    Me and my husband we need a wife
    Somebody who’s sole ambition is laundry
    I wanna fall asleep on my patio swing
    While somebody else does the dishes and cleans
    Mariachi’s could stroll through the yard and play softly
    Wouldn’t even have to leave (Midstate), Tennessee 2523 General George Patton Drive
    I need a vacation from my life
    “Oh i need a vacation from my life”
    “that’s Right”

    I Need A Vacation lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, RESERVOIR MEDIA MANAGEMENT INC


  2. Clever, and sparkling, Crystal! Is it spring sunshine scattering the clouds, or a vaccine scattering the virus? How about both – and more? This is a fitting time for our anticipation to glisten.

    After I had to uproot my carefully-planned vacation last spring, I’m getting antsy to set sail again. A dream deferred, not denied!


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