One Friday in April, I found myself home alone with time on my hands. I hopped in my car on a quest for murals. If you’ve been reading recently, you might guess that I Googled locations first, and you would be correct. With the first address in my phone map, I stumbled upon a little pot of gold. I ended up in EaDo, also known as East Downtown Houston. I can’t believe I’ve lived here nearly five years and had never seen this revitalized neighborhood. It’s vibrant and thriving, and I’ll be back. Meanwhile, I photographed the opportunity.

Thank you so much for supporting today’s A-Z Challenge post. After a year at home, I wanted to mix it all up a bit and thought surely someone would like a suggestion or two, maybe even twenty-six. This April, I’m sticking to a theme of action. Some are mental feats. Some are physical. Others spiritual. Some I practice already. Some I haven’t attempted in years. Others never. Your guess is as good as mine whether I can keep it up for ten more posts. Links below to my first fifteen:

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    1. One of those buildings is called the Houston Graffiti Building. The largest one included the Houston rapper Trill who was killed in a highway shooting back in March. 😔 So I believe the murals on that building are always changing. I’m not sure how often.

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  1. Naturally Crystal, most situations in which we find ourselves offer advantages. Among the plusses of living in a big city is massive talent accumulated within easy reach.

    Skills such as those you celebrate speak of artists proud of their community. Indeed, these displays testify to how much they care.

    A pride and a skill you share in your photography and in your writing. Different media, sure, but the same expressiveness stirs.


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