I would love to say I’ve been jogging recently. I haven’t. But since last summer, I have jogged more than I have in my entire life. #Progress. That all ended in January when I allowed myself some time to grieve for my mother and couldn’t seem to pull myself off the couch. In February, I committed to walking again, at least thirty minutes almost daily, and I’m pretty good at keeping promises to myself. (If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?)

During my 2020 walks, I started jogging short distances. I worked my way up to a two-minute jog and then to four—that was my limit. I could run while listening to the entirety of No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning” in my earphones. The song inspired me to keep going. Suddenly I found myself able to run a few times in the course of a two-mile walk.

And now, my knee is achy. Walking isn’t a problem; however, I’m listening to my knee and doing some strengthening exercises. Maybe I’ll feel like jogging again before long. Sometimes we must accept our limitations and go to plan B.

Thank you so very much for reading my A-Z Challenge post today. This April, I’m sticking to a theme of action—mental, physical, and spiritual actions, some dreams and reality. Here are the rest—AbstainBalletCartwheelDevoteEncourage, Forgive, Google, Headstand, Innovate.

30 thoughts on “Jog?

  1. I’m not one to jog, as clumsy as I know I can be, walking is risky enough. There have been times when I would have my dog up hiking and someone would jog by us, she would want to run but even as she makes a move to begin, I’m reminding her that isn’t happening..

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  2. I love your intro to this post, Crystal! It’s hard to jog when you’re busy doing headstands and cartwheels. 😏 If jogging’s really for you then the advice others are offering can definitely help. But you’re doing so many things that unless you love jogging (which I do), you may want to just concentrate on the activities that really bring you joy.

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    1. 😂 Actually, I don’t love exercise, but I do like the idea of cardio. This April I’m sort of on a quest to see what might work for me. I really appreciate your perspective, Jane. Still searching for my love.

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  3. Jogging and running are high impact pursuits and not easy or wise to do, if your knees are suspect. My wife’s knees will not allow high impact and I am OK with that. Walking and walking fast work well for us, as long as we are together. Now, if I ever can’t walk, that will be a sad day. Stay well Crystal. Allan


    1. I walk faster when my husband (or anyone) comes along. When I’m alone, I seem to observe and contemplate a little more. Either way, I know my steps are balancing out my couch time. Thanks for visiting. Have a great week, Allan!


    1. I picked up the idea of making and keeping commitments to myself in Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. Now I consider do-ability before committing. Martha Graham is a legend, and I love a good quote.❤️ Thanks for visiting, Sally!

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  4. Love this :). I haven’t listened to No Doubt since the 90’s and I had forgotten how badass they are rhythm wise. I’ve never been able to get into running and have always sort of admired those who do. I am more of a hill climber. Climbing hills feels good to me, a pleasant little torture. Be careful – it seems like every person I’ve followed and people I have met in real life who jog / run inevitably blow their knees at some point. It’s a quick way to achieve fitness goals, but based on so many knee problems, my theory is that we are only really designed to run if we are running from a bear or other wild animal 😂 😅🤣


    1. 😂 I guess that’s the same for me. I admire those who do it. My friend Rosa down the street dragged me into it, and I said to myself—if she can I can. Then we’ve had schedule conflicts in 2021. Anyway, I’m a walker. There aren’t many hills near me. I just wanted to kick it up a notch in April for my beach body in May. 😉

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  5. Hey, Crystal! Could be, my memory falters, though I recall not one, but two, of your recent posts detail your recent feats. In both cases, you engaged in activity that hadn’t stirred you in years.

    They most certainly count, don’t they? Term them what you will – “having fun” or “goofing around” – but both times you roused yourself. For crying out loud, there’s photographic proof of one of the sessions!

    So, one form of exercise isn’t doing it for you right now? What of the 87 that are?

    Your studies and your writing are maintaining your mind’s edge, and your physique, jealous of all the attention the brain’s getting, wants in on the fun too. Fortunately, you’re responding.


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