Happy Birthday, Dear Mama!

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I don’t want to feel sorry for myself. Geez, if you hang in here with me after that line, well, then, God bless you.

Today would have been my mother’s eight-first birthday, and every time I tried to write something eloquent, I failed hard. She was the best, and I miss her. During these last couple of months, I have been overwhelmed by the outreach of kindness and sympathy from friends, hers and mine. These words are among my favorite:

“I have sat beside, under her leadership and so close in prayer with your mother, on many Monday mornings—

She brought life, laughter, peace, memorized scripture passages, prayer needs and most importantly she taught me about “grace notes” and moments our Lord gives to us and our family: encouragements, joy, blessings—these are prayers of praise!

Praise prayers were prayed for you: in your teaching positions, your home sales and purchases, your honors, her grandchildren, births, graduations, and accomplishments. She thanked God for Kody, his strength and promotions, provision for you. We as a circle of friends “cheered you on” with our hearts lifted in unison for any concern, worry, or need. She prayed lovingly and with faithfulness, waiting patiently on our Lord to answer. I am still learning “patiently”. So, so thankful for her wisdom and understanding our Holy God and His promise, Psalm 31:15 “our times are in His hands.”

May you, sweet Crystal see and hear in this note, your mother’s deep spiritual love, her constant commitment to you…”

And these words go on. So, today I celebrate my mother. I see her as the picture of health with a smile that radiates sheer joy, and I hear her voice through the thoughtfulness of her friend. I hope she hears me, too. Happy Birthday, Dear Mama! Happy Birthday, to you!

48 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dear Mama!

  1. As long as they are held in our heart and memory, they live forever. We are a part of them and we carry them with us. May you be blessed this day with memories that wrap you in a blanket of peace and love. Happy Heavenly birthday to your mom.


  2. Happy birthday to your Mama Crystal, and I am sure she celebrated all of your birthdays. I am reminded of my Mom by your post, her birthday was a month ago, she would have been 80 today. She was inspiring even the day the doctor told her she was going to hospice. She smiled, and thanked him, and was so cheerful. She prayed for the nurses and us as long as she was conscious. She was fun, and creative and she loved her family so much. I am sure she would loved your Mom. I am glad we can celebrate our Moms together. hugs, David


    1. Your Mom completely reminds me of mine, David. I was at home (where I grew up) when she came home for hospice. She had mostly lost her ability to speak, but she smiled the most wonderful smile. She was so happy to be home. Thanks for celebrating with me!

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  3. My best wishes to your mamma Crystal. Be a happy family, support each other. You are a nice daughter. Happy Birthday 💐💐🥳


      1. The year my mom died, I remember thinking how hard her birthday would be. But I had no idea that my own birthday would be even harder.
        My heart is hugging yours so tightly, Crystal!

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  4. Beautiful, Crystal, and happy birthday to Mom!

    Eloquence worried you, yet you found it soon enough. The glowing appreciation you penned makes splendid use of our language. This reflects your talent, absolutely, yet your mother fostered it from the very beginning too. That part of her legacy will continue as long as your words fill people’s hearts.

    That’s how it’ll touch others, but your writing still makes your mother beam with love and pride. Something she’s eager to tell you someday. You haven’t heard the last from her. Not even remotely close. Your love’s immortality mirrors hers.


  5. Your mama sounds wonderful. What a beautiful tribute. My mama was the most wonderful mama and I also miss her every single day. Thankfully they live on in our hearts every day. Happy heavenly Birthday to your mom.


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