Allyson and the Ranch

 There is a little girl 
 named Allyson. 
 She lives on a ranch
 with endless skies,
 wide open spaces,
 and her big sister Olivia. 
 Together they explore
 all kinds of places
 with so many animals
 and things to do.
There are dogs that bark. 
And cows that moo. 
  Kittens to hold and catch mice 
  and horny toads, too. 
 Butterflies flutter, 
 turtles crawl, 
 and bees buzz. 
 Guineas squawk,
 chickens cluck,
 and turkeys gobble. 
  Of course, the horses say neigh. 
 Cottontail bunnies visit
 and then hop away. 
 Scissortail flycatchers and robins—
 what colorful eggs they lay! 
 On Allyson’s ranch, 
 it’s always a beautiful day!

And a BIG Happy Birthday to my most favorite four-year-old, my GREAT niece, Allyson Kate! She reminds me of the JOY to be found in small pleasures. The gorgeous photography featured is courtesy of Allyson’s Mom. Follow her Instagram @shesdoinok .

41 thoughts on “Allyson and the Ranch

  1. What a simple life of appreciation. We could all look to the children and animals for inspiration on how to dial back. Great pix from Allyson’s Mom. Thanks for sharing the images and words, Crystal. Allan


  2. Oh Crystal, your writing and your photography are warmly evocative!

    They covey perfectly childhood’s wonders and contentment. They reveal a beautiful world that’s just so, a magical place where day dreams and night dreams are indistinguishable. Where every grove, loft and corner beckons exploration and discovery.

    You know what? The special universe you celebrate looks pretty darn appealing to those of us in the “grown-up” world too. As was obvious when you last posted about your nieces, these honeyed years will build the women they will become, and they will enrich the memories your nieces will embrace through the decades.

    Your lucky readers, too, when we close our eyes and imagine…


    1. I grew up, not exactly in the country, but in a small town surrounded by farmland. My sister married a farmer, and her son farms with his dad. I have to wonder if one of these little girls will carry on the farm.

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      1. My better half grew up on a farm nearly in the outback … the one uncle who took the farm actually did pretty well for himself! It’s a completly different kind of live out there. Maybe one of the girls will be up for it? Fingers crossed


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