Hoping you’re having a really good day!

Last Sunday morning, my neighbor and I were walking toward each other in the street. He walked south. I walked north. I don’t know this neighbor, but I see him around. I know which house is his. I think I talked to him once before on the night of the hurricane three years ago when a group of my neighbors gathered right in front of my house to watch the water rise. That was a dark night. Literally. The streetlights had gone out, and the sky poured buckets. He said, “I’ve lived here since 1960. I’ve never seen anything like this.” I have some images seared in my memory from that night and one of him walking away, back to his house, shaking his head.

Last Sunday as we approached each other, I took my headphones off. Maybe I left an earbud in my right ear. Anyway, I didn’t exactly hear what he said. I just sort of felt like he said, “Have a good day!”

I slowed my pace to a stop, nodded at him, and said, “You have a good day.”

This man is eighty something I’m guessing. Because he has white hair and looks older than my dad, who doesn’t look eighty at all, however eighty looks. Age aside, the man said again, what I thought was, “Have a good day!”

I smiled, feeling awkward, and just repeated, “You have a good day!”

Then he laughed out loud, slowed his statement, and enunciated each word. “No. You have a good gait.”

Then I slapped my knee and laughed because no one had ever complimented my gait. “My daddy always told me to stand up straight,” I said. I never call my dad “Daddy,” but for whatever reason that’s what I said.

“He must have been military,” he said.

“No, just short.” I smiled at my own bad joke. This man was not much taller than me, and I’m 5′ 4″.

“I’m short, too,” he said.

I don’t know if you just had to be there, but I’m still tickled about the exchange. At the end of our conversation we officially wished each other a good day.

Later in the week, Friday, to be exact. I received an audio message via Instagram from my blogger friend Eliza who lives across the pond. She went out of her way to use her voice to say, “Hoping you’re having a really good day!” Again, I was tickled. By her beautiful British accent and just by the kindness. So much that I taught myself how to use my Instagram microphone and started wishing my friends and family really good days. And in this way, I entertained myself without making phone calls, and hopefully I brightened somebody else’s day.

Words have power.

58 thoughts on “Hoping you’re having a really good day!

  1. Thank you, Crystal. Words do indeed have power, and you are good at stitching them together! Even when we misunderstand others, at least it’s a starting point for authentic communication. Update on Hayden: He is doing somewhat better: coming out of his room, eating again and BATHING! Blessings.

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  2. You made me think of my dad with this post. My dad was always telling me to stand up straight, with my head held high. He was also on the short side but he had broad shoulders and his gait was impeccable. He carried himself with confidence and grace and always encouraged me to as well. I love this story so much! You have an awesome day Crystal 🙂

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    1. Rhonda, thank you!! We might be sisters. Sounds like we might have the same dad anyway. Funny, I never thought too much about his gait. For me, I notice that when things fall apart, I stand up even straighter. It’s one thing I can control. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Robyn! Back to Insta for a moment, I read a post earlier this week that said, “I see an image of light pouring through our crown and moving through our chakras as a bright column. From there it flows in our existence, as well as to our very own links and connections. Not only you receive this light, but people you know, projects, even your home and all that you connect with receives it through you.” I can’t stop thinking about that image. ✨ And I feel it.

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  3. Thank you.
    I am reminded that it takes nothing to breathe life into each other with the tiniest act. So simple and ordinary, yet so much life and the giving of validation to each other. I see and acknowledge you. Wonderful!!
    Have a good day!

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      1. I’m glad you’re still smiling! 😊💚 I was able to enjoy a beautiful walk today too. Like true Missouri-fashion, we hit a high of 88 here today and in two hours it’s 68 degrees. 🤨😬😊 have a great week!

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  4. Great story, Crystal. No wonder it’s made you smile all week!

    I do think all that’s come at us the last half-year or so – social distancing, self-isolation, etc. – has made us more grateful for the “little” things, the personal touches that give our lives quality and dimension.

    No disparagement intended, but the exchanges you describe (with Eliza and with the neighbor), had they happened last September, likely would have been unremarkable. Quite possibly forgotten by now.

    Instead, though, we begin to appreciate those reminders there are good people all around. A society that still is vibrant, and just waiting for present nonsense to clear. As it surely will someday.

    This newer appreciation, though, is ours to keep.

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  5. I loved everything about this uplifting post, Crystal! Thank you! It’s true, words do have incredible power. We can use them to tear ourselves or others down or use them to elevate, inspire, and encourage. What a gift our words are!

    The exchange you had with this fella was so sweet and truly touched my heart. So few people these days in many parts of the world take the time to actually acknowledge another human being. Our lives have become so hectic and pressed that we forget what truly matters. Your sincere smile and even just a few words can be what turns someone’s entire day (or more!) around.

    Thankful you and your neighborhood came through such a terribly upsetting time with the hurricane. Nature’s power is an impressive sight to see.

    God bless you for sharing this delightfully kind message. 😊 We need more of these!

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    1. Thank you so much, Holly! I will say I know more of my neighbors in this neighborhood than any other, and we’ve lived in a few. It is sort of ironic considering we were always in the suburbs and now live in the city.

      The pressure is on for the next delightfully kind message. 😊 I’ll be on the lookout.

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  6. I remember a high school principal where I taught ending his announcements with “Have a great day!” Sometimes we fall into habits without really listening or paying attention. Crystal, sending positive thoughts for your week. God’s peace!

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    1. The funny thing is — if my neighbor had said, “Have a good day!” I might have said the same and moved on. Since he told me I had a good gait 😂, it sparked more conversation. Thanks for taking time to visit, Big Sky! I’m sending positive thoughts and God’s peace right back to you.


  7. Saying something that seems so simple, can have an major impact on us. Speaking positivity over someone’s day, can make a difference. I enjoyed your post❤️


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