Rocket Man Is a Woman


“And I think it’s gonna be a long, long time/’Till touch down brings me round again to find/I’m not the [wo]man they think I am at home/Oh no no no I’m a rocket [wo]man…”

Today, I hear Elton John’s “Rocketman” in my head. As I launch into a new semester, I know I’ll be spending a long, long time—not in outer space—but in that space between my ears. It’s weird. To think how often I feel a disconnect between the person I am outside of my head and the person I am inside my head, or even a difference between the person I am outside of my home and the person I am inside my home. All I know for sure is that I’m on a journey to be—my best me. That’s my goal. And each day I just try to be better than the person I was yesterday. So I’m a student, with a May 2021 graduation date, advancing confidently in the direction of my dreams, endeavoring to live the life I have imagined for myself, and meeting with a success unexpected in common hours. Thanks for the inspiration, Henry David.

Speaking of inspiration, did you know that Ray Bradbury’s 1950s short story “The Rocket Man” inspired the lyrics of Elton John’s 1970s song? Both are stories of an astronaut torn between his family and his mission into space. I just love how creativity sparks creativity. How a story can be re-made into a song, which can be re-made into another song. How a person’s story can morph from elements of doubt to faith, ingratitude to thankfulness, anxiety to peace, despair to hope, selfishness to generosity, ignorance to knowledge, weakness to strength, anger to kindness, grudges to forgiveness, sadness to joy, hate to love. Need I go on? Isn’t that amazing? How we can re-make it all!!

Speaking of re-makes, here’s a fun 2013 bluegrass cover by Iron Man with some pretty awesome banjo!

Enjoy another blastoff, my friends!

30 thoughts on “Rocket Man Is a Woman

  1. We can all remake our life and our world. We just have to get out of our own head and way. Stay safe in school and at home Crystal. Love the Iron Horse remake. I will have to share with my banjo playing neighbour, soon to no longer be my neighbour after 29 years. My chance to reinvent my life is nigh. Maybe I’ll pick up my mandolin and learn Rocket Man. Allan

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    1. I’m one short story into the Munro, and I felt like I missed something important. Luckily there’s no test. It’s more about the study of style, so I’m looking forward to hearing from the professor. Have a good one, Neil. See ya.

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  2. Maybe our friends and families know us better than we know ourselves. Regardless, I like your goal to be “my best me”, especially in view of that disconnect you refer to. It’s great that you have such a clear vision for yourself and your future! You’re getting closer to realizing it every day.

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  3. Think your analogy is spot on. Did not know about the Ray Bradburdy link! The same themes are explored by Mary Shelley in Frankenstein I feel: man rockets away from domestic bliss into a world of solitary isolation in order to pursue his ambitions. Fully appreciate the blue grass rendition of the song too! One of my lock-down challenges has been learning the tenor banjo but not quite at that level yet!

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    1. I didn’t know about the Ray Bradbury link either until I looked into the song. That would be a fun lesson, too, paired with the music, and as a lead-in to Frankenstein. The blue grass here is greatness! So happy you liked it—sounds like you have a new song to practice. I’m impressed you’re trying!

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  4. Fascinating, Crystal, starting with…well, the beginning. I had no idea Bradbury was the one who initiated all this. Musicians often draw inspiration from literature, more so than is assumed generally, I think. Vice-versa too. Both the writer and the singer advance the expressive arts, after all.

    Oh, and you’re forgetting the supreme remake, William Hung’s, which had the world abuzz for a few months a decade or so ago!

    As for your mind varying with the setting…naturally. We are sophisticated creatures undertaking all sorts of endeavors. Our intellect, supple instrument it is, adjusts to the situation. More so, even, for you, who has a brain and knows what to make of it. Leave Same-All-the-Time to the amoebas. We have a civilization to nourish. .

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      1. With your search, Crystal, this week’s entry, and one from earlier this month, two seemingly disparate threads, ravel. Thus, the tapestry flows.

        Hung, you magnificent…person….you’ve done it!

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  5. I love the notion of re-making oneself. And the notion of creativity sparking creativity. That is sure true of this band. That was such an unusual cover of this song; I never would have imagined it with stringed instruments like that. Their harmony was awesome too. Great post!


    1. I’m a believer in the progression…that all of our experiences, both good and bad, shape us…that our struggles strengthen us. It’s ironic that I grew up in Oklahoma, a little anti-country music, but I have a love of the banjo. And yes, their harmonies!

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