Hit the Road Jack

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

The Ray Charles version of “Hit the Road Jack” takes me back. On most of the family vacations of my youth, we hit the road, and I eventually made it through the entire lower forty-eight via car. As for Ray Charles, blindness and heroin addiction aside, he revolutionized American music. “Hit the Road Jack” topped the Billboard Hot 100 on October 9, 1961 and won a Grammy award for the Best Rhythm and Blues recording.

And Becca Krueger, well, she has some balls to remake this one. She recorded in 2013, and I love the way she pulls it off.

It’s another Monday, my friends. Do you have what it takes to Remake it?

45 thoughts on “Hit the Road Jack

      1. The fingerings are the same. Side note: the band director let me play drums if I wouldn’t quit band. That was ninth grade and too late to catch up with the rest of the drum section, so I played bass drum. Needless to say, my drummer career was even shorter.

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  1. Well I learned something new about Ray Charles today. I don’t really get why this was so brave of a cover song. I did like her voice though. So much tough competition out there in country music, so many talented voices. I often prefer the originals, they have a hold on me, for example the character of Rooster Cogburn belongs only to John Wayne, and I liked the second one also with Katherine Hepburn, some wonderful lines in that movie. Enjoyed my visit to you today Crystal. – David


    1. Hi David! I think Becca is brave for taking on a legend and an award-winning song, but she does it with amazing style.

      I feel a Rooster Cogburn post in your future. Top Ten True Grit lines? Thanks for visiting today! Take care!


  2. I absolutely love how you brought these classics up as a lead in to remakes because that’s how my days seem to go lately. I can hardly keep track of the days as they all seen the same! Maybe a road trip would shake things up for me? Great post, love the trek back in time, C


    1. These days do run together, and now I have a reason to look forward to Mondays. I highly suggest you Hit the Road, Cheryl. 😁 Maybe an upcoming Monday day trip? I have a few songs for your playlist.

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  3. Ray Charles is awesome. My cousin worked in a call centre when she left college, and took a call from him one day 🙂


  4. Nothing compares (exactly) to the original, but Krueger’s version really grew on me. It excites the imagination!

    Especially love when Becca’s manager (or whoever he is) told her off for getting behind schedule. Which made her stop, reflect for a moment, and then go at it with a renewed vigor.

    I’m not that gullible. It very well may have been a contrivance, creating a foil to give the tension, the expectation, a sparkling boost. I mean, the exchange did make the “official” video, leading to a suspicion it was staged, at least to some degree.

    No matter – I still love it!.


  5. Thanks for sharing!!.. I like both videos… 🙂 today (and everyday) will soon become a memory, I am not going to remake today but start a new day tomorrow… “You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last chapter.” (Author Unknown )… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and all your tomorrows are filled with happiness… 🙂


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