Ready or Not

Not long ago I saw this movie—Ready or Not, and I can’t get it off of my mind.

IMDb describes the film as “a horror-comedy and social satire that comically exaggerates the anxieties attendant with marrying into a wealthy family and mocks the insular nature of such families, so obsessed with their wealth that they’ve become disconnected from the real world.” Hmmm. Just thinking about the meaning of the word insular and the idea of being disconnected from the real world.

hide and seek

After a beautiful wedding at the Le Domas family estate, Alex reveals a family tradition to his unsuspecting bride Grace. She must hide in the mansion while her in-laws not only seek but also hunt her down with weapons galore. I don’t mention the movie as a must see. Quite frankly, it’s a bloodbath with one unforgettable line:

“You’ll almost do anything if your family says it’s okay.”

26 thoughts on “Ready or Not

  1. True. I married into a wealthy family. They worshipped their money and each other. They tore at my spirit with all they had. The marriage didn’t even last 5 years. As my dad said I was lucky to get out with my whole skin.

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  2. I saw the movie. It was educational but not particularly amusing. People will, in acceptance and approval, feel free to express themselves in ways they might not ever think of doing. Nazi Germany comes to mind but even more so the state of our current environment in the U.S.A. Thanks for this.

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  3. Haven’t seen the film yet, Crystal, your description retrieves it from memory’s mists. The intrigue, sufficiently stoked, becomes irresistible. Upward the movie rockets, to lead the list. I appreciate the inspiration, Crystal!

    Quirks and eccentricities ae unique to each of us, yet also are common to us all, regardless of social class. It’s just that the affluent have more means to give them…extravagance.

    No doubt, the beautiful wedding established the tension, unbeknownst at the time to the viewer, which the mansion then completed. Delicious.

    Oh sure, the producers could’ve dropped the protagonists a few rungs on the ladder and enacted the drama in a double-wide, but the story would’ve been much briefer and not terribly interesting.

    Instead, though, they gave us the wedding and the mansion, thus preserving the thrill. Which you, in turn, have given us, Crystal.

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    1. Quirks, eccentricities, and tendencies to conform regardless of social class…funny that you mention the double-wides. I was thinking of the Netflix series Ozark while I compiled this post as well.

      Lots of thrills in Ready or Not. If you like blood and the horror-comedy genre, I would recommend this one.

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  4. This is fascinating, can be held up to many things in life, “You’ll almost do anything if your family says it’s okay.” Often used to justify favoritism and poor choices. I might have to watch this one. C

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  5. It reminds me of a very old movie that terrified me when I was a little girl. It was called “The Hunting of Count Zaroff.” in French. “The most dangerous game” for you. People were invited to a dream island.
    And at night… they would go out.
    And the Count would hunt them. It was the animal he thought was the most interesting.

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