Happy Anniversary #59!

Happy 59th Anniversary to my parents! They were high school sweethearts. On May 29, 1961, they exchanged vows at 21, just a couple of kids.

My mother kept a book of writing prompts. It includes questions that her kids might have, but never thought to ask, and my sister Xeroxed a copy for me. Today I’m turning the blog over to my mom for a guest post.

How old were you when you met Dad and what attracted you to him?

We really met at the end of my eighth grade [1954]. But I was attracted to him earlier that year. The Rainbow Girls were having a dance and everyone was going. I didn’t have anyone to ask. Betty Sue suggested that I invite David Petty. He was so cute. After dragging my feet for several days I finally got up the nerve to call him. He told me that he already had plans that night. I didn’t ask anyone else and so I went to the movie at the Ritz that night. There was David with his friends. He didn’t even know who I was.

At the end of that school year, I won the election for Student Council President and your Dad was the outgoing President and he swore me in. I still think he didn’t know I was the one who had invited him to the dance.

We really met the end of the 10th grade. He played baseball on the vacant lot on Mary’s street, but we didn’t meet until a Slumber Party at Donna Moreland’s home.

Anyway, I’m dying to know what happened at Donna Moreland’s home, but knowing my mom, it was the most innocent of meet-ups. And I’m thankful for Betty Sue, who encouraged my mom to ask my dad to the Rainbow Girls’ dance. And I’m thankful for that vacant lot on Mary’s street. And I’m thankful for this little book of prompts. And of course, I’m thankful that my parents still have each other after fifty-nine years. Here’s one more:

Did you ever go to a dance? Tell me about it.

My most memorable dance was the Junior/Senior Prom when I was a Senior. I had not even thought about what I would wear. Carol, my sweet sister, brought me a beautiful dress without telling me ahead. It was white, sheer organza with a design flocked in white. It had large scallops around the bottom and across the strapless top. It was the most beautiful dress I had ever seen. My date was your Dad and it was a very wonderful night.


70 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary #59!

  1. Crystal. Thanks so much for sharing those pictures. Your mom has the sweetest smile and although I haven’t seen her since she became ill I am touched to see your dad caring for her. That’s what love is all about.

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    1. Sharon, I can’t believe I even have those pictures. When my aunt passed away last fall, my cousin had an envelope of photos for our family. I didn’t have a chance to flip through them until I was home for the holidays, and I took pictures of the prints with my phone. They definitely complete the story. Thanks for reading!


    1. Yes! Thank you, Allan. So thankful to have my mom’s words in writing. I have photocopies of my dad’s handwritten memoirs and one of my grandmother’s also. My organization never recovered from the hurricane a few years ago, but I know those copies were saved, and I’ll find them some day.


  2. This is absolutely charming and inspiring! My parents also met in high school and because of the draft married a few years after graduation. Congratulations on your parents 59th anniversary, that is so rare in our society. Loved that you included so many adorable pics! Wonderful tribute to your parents. Thanks for sharing their story, C

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  3. An immortal tribute, Crystal, as your as your audience has noted, to a person. Particularly shimmering, too, the tapestry your parents have woven. Exquisitely rich in detail, as well, it includes all manner of accomplishments, including you.

    Imagine, their endeavor has nurtured someone (you, that is) with the skills to delight her audience with the unfolding excellence. Well done, Crystal. More, please.

    By the way, the intervening years have polished your parents’ vows to the deepest luster, “To have and to hold…” Indeed. They’ve endured, yes, though they’ve built so much more. Extraordinary.

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  4. Happy #Anniversary #59!

    [ ]

    Happy 59th Anniversary to my #parents! They were high school sweethearts. On May 29, 1961, they exchanged #vows at 21, just a #couple of kids.

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      1. Thank you, Crystal. I did nothing special, though. You’re the creator and the poet, and you deserve our appreciation and support, dear! Enjoy the day. Take care, Crystal.

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