How’s Your Day?

It’s Monday again, and this past week I just couldn’t shake last Monday’s lunch conversation. As I sat down with my leftovers, a young and adorable first-year teacher asked me and another twenty-something in his fifth year, “How’s your day?”

“Good,” I said, nodding my head up and down, no details to offer.

“Great!” said our other co-worker at the table. “Monday’s my jam. It’s my second favorite day of the week.”

Young and adorable laughed out loud, and so did I. “Why?” she asked.

“Well, Friday is my favorite obviously, and the weekends don’t count. Monday is a brand new beginning.”

“I love that. I’ve never thought of it that way before,” she said.

“Right? So many people hate Mondays,” I chimed in.

“Thursday is the pre-Friday,” he continued justifying the goodness of the other days. “And Wednesday, you’re halfway there. The only one I have a beef with is Tuesday.”

“My dad always said, ‘You can choose your attitude.’ I believe you’re onto something, Mr. B. I’m going to spread the word.”

Anyway, that’s it—I’m spreading the word. Monday, any day, life. It’s all a matter of perspective, and I’m thankful for my co-workers and their good energy. How’s your day?

35 thoughts on “How’s Your Day?

  1. My day is contingent on my focus. Lately all my days are all just one day. Busy with adding to the world and keeping focused on what meaning I bring to the universe. I really like this post. A great perspective builder.


  2. Today WILL BE A GOOD DAY!! Life is what you make it …. I choose to be productive today because the sun is shining and the weather is agreeable and today, we are breaking ground for the first time in the 40 years I’ve attended Victory Center to build our new church ….looking forward to 1:30 p.m. and a great turn out! Hopefully you’re having a great day also!!
    Love you 😍 mucho,
    DanaNanamomnina ~~~


  3. Perhaps the only thing we actually have control of is our attitude, and I have discovered that a positive attitude makes a huge difference. As an experiment as part of a group, i tried for a month to count it all joy as in James 1:2, what an amazing change it creates. I would suggest anyone try it for a trial period and see what happens.

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      1. When i did it, i would think of the verse and it became more profound as the month progressed because others noticed changes in me. I hope you will find someone to do it with and then you can share your experiences together

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