A Legacy of Good and Kind

The day began with a rainbow. Kody and I chased it down the highway headed to OKC for my aunt’s memorial service. I noted the message on hope.

With the rainbow overhead, we sped past the Carol Rose Quarter Horse Ranch on our right. The ranch, the rainbow, all confirmations of my aunt’s presence. Her name is Carol Rose.

In high school, my aunt’s classmates voted her “Miss Hello,” the friendliest girl in her senior class. Two year’s older than my mom, one of my favorite stories is how Aunt Carol went to work after graduating from high school and bought my mother’s prom dress. It was white with scallops around the bottom and across the strapless top. There were still six mouths to feed at home. Dresses could be borrowed. Carol Rose is the epitome of good and kind. The whole family was. Was. Is. Time passes on. I hope the goodness does, too.

Speaking of rainbows, meet the Rainbow Bread Family. From left to right, my mother Sharon, Carol, my grandmother Catherine, Johnny, Joed, and Jimmy. I’m sure my grandpa was working.

Golden sunlight danced in the treetops as my cousin Marcus swept the fallen leaves from my grandparents’ gravestone nearby. “The epitome of good and kind,” I thought as I snapped a photo and contemplated the family tree…how the leaves fall one at a time…how new branches grow…new buds…new life. Ed and Catherine Savage, Christians in the truest sense of the word. No preaching. No judgement. A legacy of good and kind.

18 thoughts on “A Legacy of Good and Kind

  1. Dearest Crystal,
    I’ve had you on my mind this morning thinking about your trip to Oklahoma City for your aunt’s memorial. I hope you had a beautiful day with beautiful people. This is the sweetest story you’ve written so far! It touched my heart and reminds me of you—always good and kind! I’ll use the scripture as my morning devotion 💜
    Love You & yours always….
    Dana, Nana, Mom

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    1. Thank you so much, Dana. It was sad, but good. I believe in better places and picture my grandparents and my uncles looking beautiful and having a reunion with Carol. I was happy Kody could be there with me. ❤️


  2. That was beautiful. You have a real gift for writing. Your mom is one of my dearest friends and I often see pictures of her flash by on my computer screen saver. What fun we had fooling everyone with our names being so similar. I know she is very proud of you. Sharon Peddy Baker


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