Let’s Let the Meat Rest and the Wine Breathe

The morning of December 27 began with a foot of snow at the farm.

And snowed in, Nana/Dana/Mom (my M-I-L), Kody, and I discovered other ways to entertain ourselves.

Chapter 40, Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

At one point I heard Kody say, “Let’s let the meat rest and the wine breathe.” Not bad advice for us all.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Let the Meat Rest and the Wine Breathe

  1. …..this has truthfully been “my best Christmas ever”…. of course, the birth of The Holy Child, Jesus, and gettin’ snowed in with my Houston Family!! The coffee (Baileys), all that food, The Cakebread, Netflix downloaded from Kody (my gift) U Tube for Tommy ( music 🎶 for days) jokes, visitation, 4 episodes of The Godfather, pictures of everything & this incredible snow (moisture) I hope and pray for another repeat performance just like yesterday..someday…….
    irreplaceable! Dio Benedica ⭐️
    Buon Natále 2018
    Felice Anno Nuovo 2019
    Malto Amoré,
    Mom, Nana, Dana


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