Sharing Our Gifts

‘Twas the day before Christmas at our humble abode.

Kody scrambles eggs, I wrap gifts in a simple mode.

“You’re wrapping really is a gift,” I hear.

“Thank you. And so is your breakfast, my dear.”

Drew’s cello lies in the middle of the floor.

“Put your cello away or play a tune I’ll adore.”

And that’s how it started. I had to share.

From the overflowing heart of a Mama Bear.

4 thoughts on “Sharing Our Gifts

  1. Gosh, no words….My Christmas dream come true. A new home (finally), an in house chef with live music….wonderful 2018 Christmas memories!!
    Happy Nana, Dana, Mom
    Buon Natále
    Felice Anno Nuovo
    Dio Benedica


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